Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Muse – Veering off track

Today’s muse is a combination muse and a topic – variations on a theme.

Sometimes we find a theme and we just cannot get it out of our heads.

Maybe you are stuck on the letter A or the color green or the shape of a triange. You see it and feel it everywhere you go.

When you find a theme appears over and over in your life, I believe that is when we should just blow all the way through it and let the theme be the guide for our art.

Perhaps it will lead to a collection…or perhaps just to a wonderful array of projects that happen to share the same theme. Who says you should change up your theme every time you create something?

For example, I like grids when I scrapbook. I often find myself putting grids in all sorts of variations in to my layouts:

Here’s a grid in one corner:

Same layout flipped horizontally:

Here, flipped once again:

Here’s a grid to fill an entire page:

You get the idea…

Remember this Monday Muse from March 29th?

It never got a chance to actually play with it…

And its been on my mind…

I keep running into beautiful things in yellow and blue...its a visual theme for me at the moment.

Like..oh...say the pictures that this shot came from:

So…I’m bringing it back…today’s muse is fun with a different muse.

These are some of the scrapbook supplies I found to go with my beautiful blue and yellow muse:

As always, I started with a cardstock. This one is Bazzill Basic’s Grasscloth Texture in Great Lakes:

I would augment this blue tho…maybe with this Fancy Pants paper called Mia:

I love multi-taskers and found this two-sided Pink Paislee called 365 Degrees (appropriate considering the sunny gorgeous photo that started all of this):

The name on this next one should be a muse all its own! Its called Bodacious Banana Heatwave and its from American Crafts:

Anna Griffin has a contender also:

And one of my favorites, Cosmo Cricket has two that I might like to add to the mix:

Now…lets add some orange American Crafts Thickers in Apricot:

And subtitle in this tiny type by Cosmo Cricket:

And a cute little tag from Creative Café:

And finally some buttons…either these custom made El Sol buttons from Tess Ann:

Or these little button embellishments from evalicious:

I love daffodils and found this little daffodil basket made from a paper bag at Martha Stewart:

And this gorgeous Mother’s Day Table designed by Eddie Ross

I found this print at Leslie Art:

This bucket beanie and matching purse from Lovely Knits is fantastic if you have a little girl:

How about these unbelievably sexy shoes from Marc Fisher?

And finally, photo sets from Paris in yellow and blue from Little Brown Pen:

(by the way…I was originally attracted to those Paris photo sets because of the grid image while browsing…I can’t help it!)

So…what theme do you find in your work? What themes are attractive to you?


sharyncarlson said...

Love this muse!! I am also a huge fan of grids, and right now my go-to color combo is teal and yellow.

MaryC said...

I just took a class at GIS called Building Pages. Our first lesson was on scrapping from a grid. You can do a lot with a grid. Love the muse today, AND those photos of Paris!

nancy said...

So inspiring! Love all these images you've brought together... I know that takes time! Gorgeous.