Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Muse - Quizzes

There is nothing like a quick quiz to get you in touch with something you didn't even know you wanted to know!

I found a lovely page while surfing the internet this week: Quizopolis

There are tons of quizzes to take...

Among my favorites:

Which TV Witch are you? Turns out I'm Samantha's mother Endora (from Bewitched) played by Agnes Moorehead.

Which Muppet Are You? I am Miss Piggy - no surprise there!

What is Your Most Lovable Quality? Mine is supposedly cooperation - although I'm not sure my husband would agree!

All harmless enough questions to answer quickly...or better yet have somebody ELSE answer for you. You can even make up your own if you so choose!

What would you ask? What would you like to know about somebody else?

And how could you incorporate what you find out into your art?

Peace, ya'll!


MaryC said...

I love quizzes. Have you done the Which NCIS character are you? I am Aby which surprised me.

Sam said...

I am such a sucker for online quizzes! I think I've done the "which Jane Austen character are you" one a dozen times and I always come up with my favorite, Elinor.

BTW, I was named after Bewitched!

**** April **** said...

I'm "Greenbeans" Have you ever even HEARD of such a witch? LOL