Friday, March 05, 2010

Special Friday Fill-In by the Bug

My Mommy

My Mommy is 15 years old. (YES! The eye cream is working!)

She weighs 30 pounds and is 14 feet tall. (While I clearly need to do some work in the measuring department he has the “how to guess a woman’s weight” thing down…Always guess low, son, always guess low!)

My mommy likes to wear her purple shirt. (HE likes the purple shirt!)

She likes to cook chicken and rice and it tastes good. (Interesting answer here…)

She helps my daddy cook dinner around the house. (another food answer…hmmm…)

Mommy always tells me not to touch things. (Oh SO true!!!)

She likes to feed me in her free time. (and ANOTHER food answer!)

I like it when my mommy gives me spiderman fruit treats. (and one more food answer…he must have been hungry!)

My Daddy

My Daddy is 16 years old. (Apparently, Daddy has been using my eye cream.)

He weighs 50 pounds and is 41 feet tall. (41 feet tall! Daddy is a skyscraper!!!)

My daddy likes to wear his square shirt. (as in, the shirt that makes him look like a square, the shirt that only squares would wear or is there a mystery shirt that is covered in squares that I don’t know about…what’s that?  Plaid?  Oh, a PLAID shirt!)

He likes to cook mini corn dogs and it tastes good. (HEE!! )

He helps my mommy sing to me aournd the house. (That he does…and he makes up all his own words to pretty much every song.  Daddy is way cool like that – he can make up silly song words on the spot)

Daddy always tells me to stay still.  (Another Oh SO true!)

Bug didn’t really know what Daddy likes to do in his free time…probably because all of Daddy’s free time is spent with HIM and is therefore, not free…hmmmm….

Funny how kids see us!

Happy Friday, everyone!


sharyncarlson said...

Ohh how adorable! His answers are super cute :)

Samantha said...

Too sweet! I have one that Caleb did for Mother's Day when he was in preschool, and the answers are mostly food related on his too =)

Mary C. said...

Please send me the name of your eye cream and the diet program you are using. In addition, please tell Jay that Auntie Mary would like him to come over and make her feel good too.
Steve makes up weird song words too. Must be a guy thing. Once he made up a song to the tune of Rawhide about me scooping the cat box.

**** April **** said...

This is BEYOND precious -- I do need a shipment of your eye cream, by the way... you have the address, right? :)

Rachel said...

So sweet! :)

Meghann Andrew said...

So cute! Love it!