Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Muse

This week’s Monday Muse is from Amy Atlas, a high end dessert table designer.

Seriously, how have I missed Amy Atlas? She appears to be everywhere…

And a dessert table designer? This sounds like something I would totally be into! Desserts? A million GORGEOUS desserts!?!?!?!? Where have I been?

A quick browse around her site and blog will provide you with tons of visual inspiration for a multitude of projects. I was pretty impressed with her kids birthday party tables…but then, I’ have my children on the brain 24/7.

Today’s Muse is from a bar mitzfa that she designed…I chose it because it feels like sweet spring time:

Pink, yellow, spring green, and orange on a turquoise background…divine! There is an exquisite symmetry to this shot. And I love how she uses the same object – such as those lollipops in the center of the image – in different sizes and colors. And that banner!  Amazing!

Look at this reinvention for a cake stand…do you have an object or an idea that could use creative reinvention?

Her arrangements are purposeful…they may appear random, but you know that every pieced was placed very purposefully to get that “random” effect.

She makes everything so crisp with custom labels, spotless glass containers and bits of gorgeous ribbon.

And what an array of objects in similar colors…

So…what do you think?


Samantha said...

I've got a sugar rush just looking at it! Love it - I think we're doing a dessert reception for my brother's wedding in the fall and there are so many ideas to steal =)

Enjoy the Ride said...

I'm drooling... and I totally just bought some scrapbook papers in these candy colors that I now am itching to do something with. Yum!

MaryC said...

Pretty stuff. I love the rock candy. Makes me want some sugar!

Meghann said...

Whoa. Amazing. I saw something similar in Martha Stewart ages ago. It makes me want to have a party right away!

nancy said...

Dessert Table Designer??!! Why wasn't that on the possible careers list they gave us in high school?!

YUM is all I can say.