Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Muse

Todays Monday Muse is a photograph taken by Ng Han Guan of a neighborhood that was torn down to build a newer neighborhood in Bejing:

I found this one on MSNBC’s Week in Picture feature.

The colors in this shot are as amazing as last weeks muse, but in a less-vibrant way. The shades are muted and quiet – much like the air probably would be if we were actually standing within this frame.

The window frame has huge inspiration…its old and worn, tattered and broken. It is both open on the top and closed off at the bottom.

The bottom right panel contains an image of something else…a hidden image.

The photo is taken in such a way that we are seeing “outside” from the “outside.”

We are also looking into the past - the old tree, the old bricks, etc, while actually BEING in the past. Bit of a mind bend, no?

And then there is the whole phoenix implication – out of the ashes something new will arise. I don’t know about you, but I rather like the ashes.

I wonder when looking at this muse what was torn down, exactly. Were they warehouse buildings or some of those charming residential areas with the gates on the street and the court yards inside, inhabited by generations of one family?

It makes me wonder what we have lost by tearing down something old to make way for something new. Now there is a question for the modern age, something you could journal about – what precious thing have you LOST in your quest for something new? What connection to the past has been severed in the pursuit of something shiny?

The shot is both structured and organic, straight lines and tattered edges – which I completely identify with. I’m a neat-little-boxes sort of person…but honestly, it can be a hard way to live. Life is fluid and things don’t always fit into neat little boxes. Not to mention the fact that boxes take a lot of wear and tear in the opening and closing of them to get things in or out.

LOTS of emotion and art this could evoke.

So…what do you think?

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