Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Muse

Today’s Monday Muse is this amazing shot of Gold Medal Winner Lindsey Vonn taken by Gero Breloer:

Isn’t her face fantastic?

There is a lot of action in this shot. Interesting how a photo, a capture of a single moment in time, can convey motion very clearly.

I find the colors very exciting – the blues, greens, and white just pop.

There are SO many influences you could pull out of this photo:

The Olympic rings:

The stars on her sleeve:

The shape and reflection of her goggles:

There is a faint curve in the background:

And all that flying snow!!

So, this muse could be about the motion, the winter theme, victory, the gorgeous colors, or any of the shapes you see…

How does this muse inspire you?

Peace, ya’ll!!


sharyncarlson said...

Very inspiring photos! The colors really jump out at me!

**** April **** said...

Very cool indeed! You know, I didn't watch the Olympics... lol.. just can't get into it. Does that make me un-patriotic?