Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fill-In - 10 Things I Love About My Body

Today’s Friday Fill-ins didn’t have anything that actually sparked my imagination…

So for today’s Friday Fill-In, I’m stealing an idea from Fun Mama – Deanna and listing 10 Things I Love About My Body…

Those of you who really know me will know that this exercise is a huge challenge…why is that, exactly? Why is it so hard for women who are not necessarily supermodels to appreciate their bodies?

Ok…here we go:

1. My eyes…they are blue. I remain to this day the only person in my family with blue eyes, kiddos included, with the exception of my Grandpa Q – from whom they were inherited.

2. The STELLAR way my body handles pregnancy. Seriously…I figured out while pregnant just how marvelous the female body is…we grow human beings in there! And mine didn’t gain too much weight and stayed outrageously healthy the whole way through! Go body!

3. My voice – I can sing. I will give credit where it is due – God gave me an amazing gift in my voice. I love also that I also have the ability to memorize songs very quickly – its another gift.

4. While we are on the subject – my brain. My hubs is fond of saying that I have a heavy head because my brain is so big. HEE HEE!! I am a smart cookie – but lets just not talk about some of my life choices, k? I prefer to think of those as lapses of the heart, not the brain! Onward…

5. My hair. My momma blessed me genetically amazing hair. Its thick, healthy, grows fast and doesn’t act up no matter what strenuous process I put it through. Seriously, I use a hair dryer EVERY DAY on the hottest setting and my hair still manages to stay soft and healthy!

6. My back – its strong, straight and able to handle the huge weight I often carry on my shoulders.

7. My lips – even at nearly 40 I have full lips…no collagen needed…though I do often admire Angeliina Jolie’s lips, I’m quite satisfied with mine.

8. My curves – or as Fergie would say “my lovely lady lumps.” You know I’ve longed to be a ballerina for a long, long time. I came to grips some time ago that it just wasn’t going to happen. I have the GREATEST husband – he tells me regularly, “You look like a WOMAN, not a little girl!” Yea…I’m signing on for that sentiment. I am a woman…why should I look like anything else? Cuz the magazines say so? NOPE!

9. My laugh. Its loud. Really loud. Its not a quiet little simper. There is never a doubt that I think something is funny. I think some people find it annoying. I don’t care. Who decided that laughing should sound a certain way, anyway?

10. My very fair skin. I long for the day when being fair skinned will be a mark of great beauty, a sign of society. When that day happens, I may just be one of the most beautiful women EVER because I’m so fair. Until then, I’ll be proud that my fairness keeps me out of the sun…and that makes me look younger than most other women my age (who have not had work done).

So, there you have it…

10 things…

Are you up for the challenge?

What do you love about YOUR body?

Peace, ya’ll!!


MaryC said...

Great Job! Maybe I'll do this on a day I am feeling better about myself. Have we mastered time travel yet?

**** April **** said...

I LOVE THIS!!! What a great way to have a person record to go back to reflect upon when you have a bad day!

Rachel said...

This is awesome! Might just have to do this for myself. :)