Wednesday, March 24, 2010

22 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me

Saw this on Stacy Julian's Blog and HAD to play along:

1. The body God gave to me to bear and nurture children is amazing. Seriously, my first pregnancy was one long AHA! Moment.

2. My relationship with God changed dramatically for the better once I had kids. I keep thinking, “I wonder if God feels this way about me.”

3. Children GET way more than adults give them credit for.

4. The words a three-year-old hears and correctly incorporates into their own speech will really awaken one to what gets spoken in the home.

5. If you believe, they do to – whatever it is you believe in. Choose wisely where you place your faith.

6. Love and laundry grow exponentially with children.

7. The floor will never be clean enough again.

8. I can function without sleep for weeks on end. Its not ideal, but it can be done.

9. Mommy time is essential to sanity

10. Bandaids are a cheap way to make a little one happy. Even when they don’t have booboo’s, apply with abandon. The decorated one’s are the same price as plain, so go for it.

11. Reading is essential. It’s a life saver. Its an imagination starter. It simply must be a part of what you “do” with your kids. Every day. It is the most useful and valuable habit you can foster in your child.

12. Crafts are messy, giggly, seriously, outrageously fun.

13. Play music, dance and sing.

14. Say “yes” as often as possible. They will not ask “Will you play with me?” “Can I help?” “Will you hold me?” “Will you sing with me?” forever. Take the chance while you have it.

15. Stickers have magic healing powers.

16. Have adventures - Dance in the rain. Walk in the creek bed. Explore bugs and turtles and frogs.

17. Pretend, pretend, pretend…In the three years I’ve been a mom, I’ve been to the moon, dressed in a princess dress, run from dragons, been attacked by the tickle monster, eaten strangely flavored lollipops, consumed mountains of calorie-free ice cream…its so much fun!

18. Practical, simple answers are best. Nothing is apparently as complicated or emotionally difficult as adults appear to believe.

19. Friends are only as hard to make as it is to say, “Hi. My name is _______. What’s yours?”

20. If it is climb-able, you WILL find your kid on top of it at some point.

21. Little boys are as fascinated with princesses as girls – just in a different way

22. Take pictures and write things down. You won’t be able to remember all the important stuff. (See #8)

What's on your list?

Peace, ya'll!


Enjoy the Ride said...

My experiences as a (step)mom aren't nearly as sweet and rewarding as your list above, so I shall just absorb yours with delight and wonder. TFS!

**** April **** said...

Love this -- I posted my list and then went back and read yours... LOVE IT!

MaryC said...

I love number 18 the best. We've all given these long, detailed answers to questions only to find they just wanted a two word answer.