Saturday, February 27, 2010

Heard at Our House

Mommy , sometimes wittle boys jus’ wanna know what mommies and daddies are doing! (At 3 am, after being asked why he is out of HIS bed and standing next to MINE.)

Mommy! WHY I can’t get attention? (Also at 3 am, when being put back into his own bed.)

I dint know that octopuses could talk and walk and pway piano!!! (after seeing Davey Jones from Pirates of the Carribean)

Don’t get Captain America wet! (after being asked what we are supposed to do when we wear big-boy underwear)

Daddy, can I hear the first Shewl Cwoe song, pweease? PWEEASE!?!?!? (when being strapped into the car seat. Did you get that? He likes Sheryl Crowe)

Mommy! I need a bafff! My SELF is dirty! SEE! My SELF is dirty! (upon bursting into the bathroom while Mommy was trying to take a long hot bath…sigh!)

Mommy! Daddy wet me watch Shwek in SPANISH! (Yes he did! And this kid was FASCINATED by it!)

Have a GWEAT DAY, Mommy! Dwive SAFE! (when Mommy is leaving the house)


MaryC said...

So just exactly what WERE you and daddy doing in bed at 3 am that was so interesting? Snoring?
That kid is a pistol. You are going to have your hands full until his is 30!

Rachel said...

So adorable! I love 3-yr-old-isms.
My SELF is dirty--my SELF is dirty! That seriously cracks me up! :)

Thanks for making me smile today.

**** April **** said...

ha ha... can I get an amen on what Mary said?!