Tuesday, February 02, 2010

fun at our house

In our house, we can be found rewinding commericals rather than shows...Jayden often says "Play it again, Daddy!" and thanks to the wonder of DVR we can rewind all sorts of interesting commercials...

THIS was seen the other day and has been played over and over again in our house:

The little man knows every word and can be heard marching through the house reciting it...

The Kobe/LeBron puppets are big favorites around here...like this one:

(Hey, come to think of it, Dez is a LOT like Jay!)

He likes these for the song: (big Cat Stevens fan, this little boy)

And this one just seems magical to him:

All the commercial watching made me think of some of the commercials that I found entertaining as a kid...you know...the ones that added new expressions to my repetoire...

Like this:

And this one:

Oh...and this one generated an expression still often used:

I'm actually a big fan of sports commercials...they are SO inspiring!

What are YOUR faves?


Rachel said...

There's a car commercial my son is loving right now--I can't remember the brand, but in the backseat are two little girls and two little boys and one of the girls spills water all over one of the boys, so he takes off all his clothes and stores them in the cargo space. It shows his little brother and him grinning and laughing as he's riding wet and naked and the sisters are grossed out.

Eliot has hysterics when that one comes on. If I'm in the other room, he'll yell, "Hurry, Mom! Hurry, check out this!"

Also, the "Where's the Beef?!" phrase still gets repeated around here too. That's a classic! :)

scottkrech said...
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