Monday, January 18, 2010



Its time I did something with this blog,don't you think?

First of all...I've been rather pre-occupied with THIS:

Second: I have nothing to post about Haiti...since 9/11 I have an unusual response to seeing the graphic images of tragedies such as the tsunami, Katrina and now this...I get physically ill and cry...neither of which is anything I'm interested in adding to my already crazed hormones.

Third: I have a "One Little Word" for this year...its Nurture...more on that later.

Fourth: I have some "goals"...well...really I'm doing the Uberlist this year...more on that later too...

Fifth: Jayden, ever the comedian, has been up to his old tricks...I have a new "heard at our house" also...but...more on that later too.

Sixth: I've been keeping up with the CHA-W sneak peeks and have a few favorites. I am working on a little entry highlighing my must haves.

Seventh: I spent about three hours adjusting, uploading, ordering and sharing photos today...I was behind all the way back to June...ugh, what a bunch of effort THAT was! BUT I'm all up to date now and will be updating those files once a month to keep myself from going insane. I also cleaned about 3000 photos off my computer and put them into back-up storage. I hope the laptop will run MUCH faster now!

Eight: I'm in the process of getting my Log Your Memory book up to date and running my way. I love the ideas I'm seeing on the site and will be posting some links in the very near future.

Ninth: My desk and office are still a total shambles from being North Pole South before Christmas...I hope to have that all back in working order by the end of the week.

and Tenth: Today is the first day of MY new year...can you tell? HA!

Now, aren't you glad you tuned in?

Peace, everyone!


MaryC said...

This looks like a post I would do, except for that baby thing. Been there, done with that.
I hope you are well and happy and get to stuff when you get to stuff.

Samantha said...

As far as excuses go, he's an awfully cute one =)

Rachel said...

Oh, he's beautiful. Can't wait to hear about your Uberlist--I'm working on mine as well. And organizing and backing up photos...must. do. soon. Gahhh!
Looks like you've been pretty darn productive to me. Selfishly glad to see you back in blogland, though. :)

sharyncarlson said...

Awwww, what a cutie! Great photos! Love your list too, I'll be checking back to hear more :)

Elizabeth said...

love seeing cutie exciting...enjoy these precious moments. i feel like oliver is already getting all grown up and he's only 2 1/2 goes way faster the 2nd time around! love to ALL of you!

Missy (socal) said...

Congrats Felicia! What a darling. I know I am so bad about keeping in touch but I think of you & your family often. When I saw the layout in your gallery "picture perfect" I immediately recognized the picture from your Christmas card that year.

I actually see it daily because it is high up on a shelf in our nook area with other picture cards, etc we have gotten over the years. I am so glad to see you are doing well and sorry again for being so bad about keeping in touch.