Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heard at Our House..

Don't worry, Mommy. I will protect you from school traffic, monsters, snakes and other scary things at our house.

Daddy to Jayden: Each state has a special city that is call the Capital.
Jayden to Daddy: NO! Its called the LOWERCASE!

Mommy, I'm going to make GOOD CHOICES today. Can I have a lollipop? (he's starting to get this behavior/reward/consequences thing...finally!Of, course, he wants the reward FIRST...)

Mommy, if I decide not to marry Kaitlin because she's mean to me sometimes, I think I'll marry Anya. I wanted to marry you, but you are already married to Daddy.

Overheard while playing: "Momma! Poppa! There is a horrible, noisy monster under our bed! We went to sleep in your bed. We don't like Ghostesses!"

Mommy to Jayden: Jay, didt you just pick your nose?
Jayden to Mommy: Its ok, Mommy.  It was only one booger!
(Can I get an EEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!)

Mommy, its ok for me to watch scary movies. I'm brave for scary movies.  Except Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...cuz that girl blows up like a baloon and her face turns blue.


Rachel said...

LOL! Oh my goodness--I love it! :)
Especially the part about protecting you from school traffic--priceless!

And he makes a good point about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Definitely scary. ;)

Photographing Mom said...

Too cute!!!

Samantha said...

Yep, eeeew is right! Because only one makes it better somehow?

And I am totally there with him on Violet turning violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The first time I read that book, I had nightmares about turning blue.

MaryC said...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?! Hahahahahahaha!

sharyncarlson said...

LOL! Too darn cute! :)

**** April **** said...

It's funny how fast they think they are "big boys"... until they have to walk up the stairs by themselves in the dark! :) ha ha..