Monday, January 25, 2010

Have to have it...

I am always sad to see the Holiday season go...for MANY reasons!

This year, it seemed like Christmas went by SO FAST...could it be because I was existing in three hour time blocks, starting with a feeding? I think so...

I left the tree up a week longer than usual...mostly so I could still have a few quiet moments with the lights in the mornings by myself. My mom likes to sit with a cup of coffee or tea and just enjoy a lit tree in the dark and I've taken this "tradition" as one of my own too.

This year, the end of the Holiday season actually happened last week...because my Holiday coffee creamer came to an end:

I've tried a few things to replace it...nothing quite meets my needs of warmth and comfort...and most creamers don't stand up to the very strong coffee we drink in this house. (My dad calls it "mud")

I decided to try this:

It is a delicious doesn't feel like Christmas.

BUT it does taste like the promise of a new year...and that is good for 2010!

Peace, ya'll!!


sharyncarlson said...

I felt the same way when the store ran out of my Gingerbread creamer :( I'm back to Vanilla and it's just not the same. I'll have to give the Italian sweet cream a try!

MaryC said...

*sigh* I don't buy flavored creamers anymore - too many calories. We use fat free half and half and drink flavored coffee instead. I too, like strong coffee. The RGH, not so much. And I miss my tree.
Hugs, Girl!