Monday, November 30, 2009

Manic Monday (After Black Friday)

I’m sad to report – I did ZERO scapping or crafting this weekend…sad, I know.

But I’m HAPPY to report that I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping.

I confess…the internet is my huge friend…

And I’ll tell you why…

I use Amazon.

And I use it to my HUGE advantage…

First of all, I use the Wishlist Feature . This is where I keep track of things I see that I would like for myself. Its brilliantly easy to use and takes pretty much no time to set up. Its also sharable. So if you would like to share your wishlist with somebody for a birthday or Christmas, you can just send them a link.

You have the option of setting up baby and wedding registry's this way as well.

The next thing I did was set up a Gift Organizer for all the people in my life. This magnificent thing lets me keep track of gift lists for those that I buy gifts for. As I am browsing and see something that might be perfect for one my gift recipients, I simply add it to the gift list for the right person. You can set up birthdays, ages, interest profiles, notes, etc. to keep track of things you see that you feel would be a good fit for those on your gift list. You can schedule reminders to come via e-mail…and if you are like me and building a potential gift list all the time, when you get a reminder, you just go out and see what’s on the list of interesting gift ideas. One of the coolest things about this is that I can mark any purchase I make using as a gift for anyone in my Gift Organizer.

Lastly, I’ve set up the Universal Wishlist button. With this button, I can add anything from any website to my wishlist. Talk about AWESOME! Since I browse and keep track of many sites, I LOVE this button. It puts all my wished for items in one place.

So, with the exception of one trip to Target and one trip to Walmart, I pretty much did all of my shopping on line.

I even cheated a bit…

You see if you add things to your shopping cart while logged in, Amazon holds those items in the cart. If they go on sale between when you put them in the cart (or go up in price…which also happens) the shopping cart will tell you that a price has gone up or down. I put my gifts into the shopping cart before Thanksgiving day. But as Amazon posted their daily sales last week, I would check my cart to see if anything in it went on sale that day…I lucked out and got everything in my cart on sale!

My only problem now is getting all these lovelies wrapped and tagged…did I mention I didn’t spend any time in the craft room?

Peace, yall!!!


Sam said...

I've discovered Amazon to be the greatest tool ever for Christmas shopping when you live far away from family, but I'm no where near as organized at it as you are! Tom has Amazon Prime for work and school use, and it pays for itself over and over and over in our house (especially with homeschooling).

When my MIL was here recently, she told me about this "great new website" she'd just found that had all sorts of books and DVD's and "you name it"! She'd finally discovered Amazon. It's become one of our favorite family laughs lately =)

Rachel said...

That sounds great. I've already cruised Amazon for holiday shopping, but didn't realize all the organizational tools they had in place. I may have to rely on it a bit more in the future!

Also, in answer to your question, I put my first paper page together during a scrapbooking class and it probably took almost an hour.
That totally puts this digital thing into perspective for me. I guess there's always a learning curve anytime you're doing something new. :)

nancy said...

We bought all our gifts online last year, mostly from, and our only regret is not doing it every year! We have a shopping date tonight... in our jammies!

Enjoy the Ride said...

I am a HUGE shopper! I keep things in my cart (to buy later) at all times and every time I log in, I check what prices have gone up and/or down. The majority of my Christmas shopping is done there, as well, and whenever possible, with super-saver shipping. I Heart Amazon! :)