Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our Song

Melissa Phillips did a little blog entry today about the “song” of their family.

Perhaps she was playing off this Taylor Swift song. (sorry I couldn't embed the video...embedding was turned off on this one for some reason)

At any rate it got me thinking about OUR family song…the things we seem to say to each other every day. I think it would go like this:

Tuck me in.
Hi, NoahBoah.
Eat over your plate.
Sweet dreams, little bug.
Please get back into your chair.
Hi, Mamacita!
Is that a good choice?
Do you forgive me?
Can I hear Sheryl Crowe?
Get off the table.
I love you SOOOO much!
Three, Two, One
Will you sit on my bed?
I wuv you, Mom!
Give me some smooches!
Get down, please.
Be a monster!!!
Help Mom! The Monster is getting me!
Do you want a hug?
Mommy! Kiss it!!!
I don’t wanna!
Are you full?
I don't wear diapers! I wear PULL UPS!
Can I have orrwange juice an some food an a show?
Did you do what I asked?
I wanna do it!
Jayden, please stop.
Bye, sugar! Have a great day!
Half a gweat day, Mom!
Love you, babe!

Its a good song...

What would your song sound like?

1 comment:

Mary C. said...

Our song would involve too much grumbling and creaky bones.
Plus a lot of sarcasm...say something by Al Yankovich.
I'm just sayin'...