Monday, October 12, 2009


Today is my third anniversary as a mom.

Three years ago, at this time, I was in recovery while a nurse gave my tiny little boy his first bath.

We brought home this little tiny person...peaceful, sweet and oh so precious:

Today, he looks more like this...still sweet and still precious...but not so peaceful any more. Today he is a ball of energy, unbridled and completely electric. he makes me laugh and has an uncanny gift with people. He loves life, to be sure and day by day is showing us what it really means to live.

Where does three years go?

At 6 am, he appeard at my bedside and announced that he wanted to get into bed with me and snuggle. As he crawled over me, he stopped mid-way and gave my belly a kiss. "Hi, NoahBoah! Are you moving in there?" How does a three year old know just what to say, just what to do to melt a heart?

He wanted mommy to stay awhile and give him some hugs. Sadly, Mommy had to get going to get to work.

But in those few moments, I thanked God for the chance to have this little one in my life. He is pure joy to me, even when he's driving me crazy. I wonder every day at what God did with this little one. He lent me His precious child, so that that this little lightening rod of a boy could teach me what love is really all about. Every single day, my boy gives me a lesson in how to be a better woman, mom, daughter, offering.

Heavens, I hope I don't ruin him!

Happy Birthday, my amazing boy!!!


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Stacey said...

Happy Birthday to your little man! I know the time goes so fast!