Friday, October 16, 2009

Because “Creative” means so many things, Part 3

Sometimes "Creative" is about finding new ways to use something familiar...

We do not celebrate Halloween in the more commonly known sense.

Bug is allowed to dress in a non-scary costume and trick-or-treat a bit, but that is where the celebration of Halloween ends in our home.

We do decorate in the "fall" theme, with all the trappings of a harvest on the farm.

But there is one thing that I miss terribly from my days of celebrating Halloween. I miss the pumpkin carving.

Knowing that pumpkin carving will not be happening at my house - except to carve one up to roast and make treats out of - I've been on the prowl for some neat ideas to use these fun little squash to decorate.

This year, these are catching my eye:

Party Pumpkins:

I love this idea, because it would be SO easy for Bug to get into this and these are little ones, so he could manage the size.

But lets not leave out the larger varieties if we are going to be doing Painted Pumpkins:

The only problem I see with this Critter Lodge is that Bug would be taking the critters out all the time.

I also thought this Bird House Pumpkin was a great idea - especially if you could hang something like this from a tree near the door.

What sort of non-jack-o-lantern ideas do you have for pumpkins???

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