Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Because “Creative” means so many things, Part 1

I’m a paper-crafter...

More specifically a scrapbooker who sometimes dabbles in cards, tags, and altered projects.

But ONCE I was interested in serious art – water color painting and pen-and-ink drawings.

I was also ONCE a musician – well…that never really goes away…it just starts to take place more often in the car or shower than on the stage…so…I’ll say I’m also a musician.

But my serious passion is in scrapbooking.

Unfortunately, that is not always possible. I have a three-year-old. He is still learning about quiet time and boundaries and how not to paint the walls, table, chairs and floor.

On a good day, I can break out my supplies and scrapbook at the table with him while he works on other "projects."

On other days, not so much.

What more naturally happens is that my creativity has to find an appropriate crafty channel that a three-year-old boy can do WITH me (not alongside me…because he wants all of Mommies cool tools to play with too!)

Enter the pet rock.

Now…let me say…this is not the most profound idea I’ve ever had. In fact, I will freely admit that I stole it from somebody who probably stole it from somebody else.

Nonetheless, it was an awesome creative adventure.

First we went to the dry creek bed to find some worthy rocks. Jayden had to be dropped into the creek bed because he was not big enough to climb down. So…Mommy dropped him in. (I'm such a good mom, no?)

He, of course, told anyone who would listen thereafter, “Mommy dropped me in the creek.” To which I would get all those questioning, what-kind-of-a-mother-are-you-anyway looks.

For the record, I am a mom who will give her son the best memories ever – like being dropped adventurously into a creek bed in the name of art!!

We got our rocks home and Bug washed them all up for me and helped me set them out to dry.

Then we painted…

I will say, he surprised me with his very serious painting efforts. He was quite careful not to mix up colors and to get every spot on his rocks covered. Stage One rocks looked like this:

Next we were off to the craft store to get some worthy pet-rock supplies. (This would be when he was announcing to everyone that I dropped him in the creek bed).

As we walked down the aisles, he decided pretty much on his own that he wanted feathers and pompoms. And he said, “mommy, I need some googley eyes!” CHECK!

Due to time constraints, our rocks actually had a few days to dry. When we got around to giving them real life, we broke out the glue dots and Bug just went to town with his little imagination. They were super cute!

I wish they all still looked this good…

You see, he has a fascination with taking their eyes and pompoms off and switching them all around. So…he’s either channeling his inner Dali or…maybe he’ll be a cosmetic surgeon! Who knows!!!

Peace, ya’ll!!

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