Monday, September 21, 2009

Don’t Eat My Mommy!!!

Our little boy has been dreaming…he dreams…um…LOUDLY.

Its exhausting, to be honest…he talks or laughs or yells or groans or smacks into the wall…once I heard him jabbering away and went into his room to find him sitting on the floor next to his bed, with his head on the bed, eyes closed, just talking away.

No…I didn’t take pictures…I might have if I had been lucid enough myself to think of it.

I wasn’t.

Last night, he informed me from a seated position in his bed, eyes closed, and totally still asleep, “I want a snack.” Hmmmm…

The greatest one so far tho, was hearing him yell out in the middle of the night , “DON’T EAT MY MOMMY!” I was so proud!! My tot had the courage to yell down whatever monster was trying to eat me…and to be honest, just a little frightened that he could dream up a monster to eat me…

Last night was another fresh round of dreaming and making a racket…It’s the third night in a row…I’m exhausted, to say the least…

But it got me thinking…I am dealing with monsters in his dreams, a Tickle Monster themed bedroom and low, I found monster stickers, journals, pens, pencils and puzzles in the dollar bin at Target the other day to add to the art bin (more on that later in the week).

Monsters are not nearly as scary as they used to be…they are kinda cute. You could even say adorable…And for some reason – they are EVERYWHERE right now.

I’m all for a totally conquerable, really cuddly monsters instead of the scary-hiding-in-my closet kind…

So...being in the monster mindframe, I went on a monster hunt. The hunting was good.

Here are some of the MANY things I found that are totally cute…(click on images to be taken to purchase sites)

Who doesn’t know about the Monster at the End of this Book? Grover was my first monster and Jay has this book both as a board book and as a Little Golden Book. I think we may need to get some new copies for the new baby.

HUGE fan of Melissa and Doug toys…they have lots of cute monster things, among the other outrageously cool toys they make…This Monster Bowling Game is cool…

I wish these Monster Slippers came in adult sizes!

Another thing I wish came in adult sizes – this adorable Monster T-shirt.

This Monster Hat by Columbia is SOOOO on the baby registry for the next child. (it comes in blue and purple too!)

These little Monster Cards are so adorable. Love that they are handmade.

This Monster Throw so goes with the décor in the Tickle Monster nursery that I may have to get little britches one.

I have to confess. We already have these Monster Dishes. Jayden LOVES them.

And perhaps the cutest thing I found: Monster Take Out – when you just want to make your own monster.

Peace, ya’ll!

And sweet dreams to those of you who can sleep!


MaryC said...

When J was little and having monster dreams, we bought a can of room freshener. We covered the can with a label that had a monster with a big X across it. When he went to bed, we let him spray the monster spray so the monsters would be gone.
No more dreams.
No more Mommy Eaters.

**** April **** said...

Makes me wish I hadn't given Drew the power to choose his room's theme and I could do a cute little monster theme too!