Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sometimes a girl just has to get on the train…

WARNING: All about scrapbooking!!!

I got up early and rode the train uptown for CKC Charlotte on Friday. I’d never been to the Charlotte Convention Center. Its GORGEOUS inside!

I trucked my happy little heart to the CKC Convention to take some Friday Classes. I had a blast!

I took a class on using acrylic albums sponsored by SEI. The project was super cute and I learned a lot about how to disguise items when using the fronts and backs of the acrylic pages. One word says it all: PLANNING – which, lets be honest, I’m absolutely great with except in scrapbooking…

I took a class to see the latest and greatest products. This one honestly didn’t impress me in terms of the projects…but I DID get to see the newest products from a couple of manufacturers.

My final class was on how to use the sheer albums by Maya Road. Imagine my surprise when none other than Jessica Sprague herself. Let me just say if you EVER get the chance to take a class from her, do it. She is witty and fun and super nice. It was totally obvious she had never taught this class before, and the supply kits were not complete, but she used humor and we just trucked right on through. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

On Saturday, Berta and Debbie and I caught the train again to go to the convention vendor fair to SHOP!

Now, shopping at the vendor fair is kind of a strange experience…its like going to a swap meet for paper crafters…one booth is gold and the line to the cash register wraps around the show room floor. And the next booth leaves you wondering “WHAT were they thinking!?!?!?!?” And…well…lets be honest… a lot of vendors go to these events and the just don’t bring their A game – they bring their overstock, extra junk, dollar bins, things that are not selling in their stores, out of date ideas – you know…like a swap meet.

I found four vendors at this fair (besides the Skinny Cow people…more on that at the bottom) who were just better than the rest. Intrestingly enough, they all have largely internet based businesses…so they can bring their whole “store” with them and not miss a beat.

The first was Embellish It. I don’t really know how she does it, but you can often get products from the owner of this store LONG before they arrive anywhere else as long as they are in the lines that she carries. I bought LOTS from her…the new Fancy Pants Christmas Magic line , the Fancy Pants Rough and Tough line, an awesome Fancy Pants mixed media album and some things from Imaginisce’s Teachers Pet Line. I’ll tell you right now, one of the greatest things the owner of this store does is package four colors of Bazzill cardstock that match each line she carries. If you want matching cardstock for a purchase, she has it already matched for your.

My second great find was a GLORIOUS store by a woman who has amazing vision called The Button Farm. This woman makes THE most glorious class kits I’ve ever ever seen. She develops an EXTRAORDIARY project, puts all the materials to complete the project (and then some) into a kit along with full color, very detailed instruction sheets. But let me tell you…the pictures on her site DO NOT give full justice to her class kits. They are the most sumptuous projects I’ve ever seen! I got this one with all Collage Press and 7 gypsies products…its stunning just in the package undone.

She does two retreats a year in the northeast…I’m thinking of saving my pennies to go to NEXT fall’s retreat. (cuz lets be honest...THIS fall and NEXT spring just ain't happening!)

My third find of the trip was a complete online store called Scrapbooks-N-Stickers. They had an incredible show special on the Bind-It-All…so…you guessed it…I now have a bind it all. The coolest thing about this booth was that they had a full Theresa Collins line up…Theresa Collins has done some partnering with Bind-It-All and adorable project kits created specifically to use the Bind-It-All…my wallet was DEFINITELY lighter after their booth!

My final choice for a great booth was Creek Bank Creations. They had up to date Jillibean products – the only vendor at the show! LOVED their whole booth, actually.

And the highlight of my day really – I won some FREE Skinny Cow products because I was standing in the right place at the right time. I LOVE free ice cream!

NOW I have a studio full of fun new things to play with and oodles of creative inspiration to get out…alas…I’m back at work this week…sigh…


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Sam said...

I was soooo close to buying a Bind It All when I was in CA this summer and am totally kicking myself now for not doing it! I can't wait to see what you do with it =)