Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random Truths

***The only way to get your hubby really motivated is to purchase a 32 inch (or some cases MUCH larger) HDTV and tell him he can upgrade the will never see so much sweat come from a "home improvement" project as this."***

***When asked what he is doing alone and so quiet, you never want to hear your two year old son say, "Putting on my makeup!"***

***If you are the plan maker, and others have deadlines in order for your plan to be successful, you will be completely unable to motivate those involved unless 1) you hold the purse strings, 2) they are accountable to you in a way that matters and/or 3) you are highly skilled at manipulation. I am the plan maker. I have no leverage for motivation. Things are way, way not getting done on my plan.***

***Clutter is a killer...its stifling, its chaotic, its stressful, its overwhelming.***

***If your child ever sees you throw something over the bannister from the second floor to the first floor, he will copy you and heave over the bannister - in that very same spot - anything he can lift and carry. Forever. You seriouly need to glue down anything that is breakable. Because once he's seen gravity work, he'll want to watch it again and again...***

***Never underestimate the power of a hug, phone call or text message.***

***Cuteness is the saving grace of many a small and irritating creature.***

***Having your child tell you that saying "SHUT UP" to the dog isn't nice is the one of the most humbling experiences ever. Its beat only by the statement, "Mommy, you yell and it scares me."***

Peace, ya'll!!

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Sam said...

Hearing your 7 year old say he's putting on a little powder isn't a good thing either...especially when you realize it's half the bottle of powder and he's trailing it all over the house.
We're still trying to get it all cleaned up!