Monday, August 31, 2009

The Magic of Sticky Foam (and other things)

At Walmart on Saturday, Jayden asked for a package of animal foam shapes that were self-sticking.

I’m not a fan of self-sticking foam. But honestly, he’s been making good choices and wanted badly to “make a project.”

So…we got the sticky foam shapes. He insisted that they be placed next to him in the front of the basket.

Then he asked for some graham cracker fish…he loves those fish crackers. And…since he’s not allowed to have much in the way of sugar, I am inclined to allow graham crackers.

So…we got the graham cracker fish. He insisted that they be placed next to him in the front of the basket.

Then, wandering down the bread aisle, we came across a sandwich cutter that cuts sandwiches into dinosaur shapes. It was a dollar.

So…we got the dinosaur-shaped sandwich cutter. He insisted it be placed next to him in the front of the basket. (Note to self – find the huge basket of cookie cutters and start using them on the sandwiches.)

Here is the deal…

My bouncing, rambunctious, highly energetic and talkative child was quiet, peaceful, completely occupied for most of the Walmart journey…something that is unusual.

He also had such focus on these objects that he had the afternoon planned about half way through the shopping trip, “Mommy…FIRST we will have a turkey sandwich and use my cutter! SECOND, we will have some fish! And THIRD we will make a project with my shapes! Ok, mommy? Ok?”


You see..the foam shapes were $1.50…the cutter was $1.00 and the graham cracker fish were around $2.00. So…for less than $5 I could have a peaceful shopping trip AND a peaceful afternoon…this child is all about planning and being in control…and so far…the plan was good.

So…home we go…he chattered all the way home about his “project” and what he was going to do.

We got home…we had our dinosaur sandwiches and grapes and some of those glorious fish…

Then it was project time. “What do you need for your project, Jay?” “Some colored paper and some markers and my other sticky shapes (he has a box of shapes from a previous project) and my animal shapes. You wanna do a project, Mommy? You could sit at the table with me!”

Seriously – TWO HOURS later…he was still trucking away. First the papers all had to be laid out in rainbow order…(I said he was about order!). Then the shapes were sorted by color and placed on their matching piece of paper. Then he commenced with peeling the backing off of each shape and sticking it down. Then out came the markers and he traced things in various colors, chattering away about what kind of noises a fish makes, and how big were palm trees really…And sat across from him, talking and answering his questions, helping him peel backing and doing a little bit of scrapbooking – a rare Saturday treat for me these days.

If I could pay $5 for peace like this every day of my life, I’d gladly do it.

If I could pay $5 to sit with my son and do art every day of my life, I’d shell out the money in a heartbeat.

If I could get a huge smile and a clean plate from two pieces of bread cut to look like something fun every day of my life, I’d be investing in every cool cookie cutter I could find.

I think I heard the angel choir singing, it was such perfection…

Of course, TODAY, he had six time outs before he even went to school….

SIGH….I guess the magic of sticky foam only transcends so much…

Peace, yall!!!


Mary C. said...

Even time outs are a blessing. Someday it will give you cool stuff to tell his wife.
Sticky shapes rock!

**** April **** said...

That is a fantastic memory that I'm so proud of you for capturing.

How precious. I love that he had to lay the paper out in rainbow order! Ha ha!