Monday, August 10, 2009

Heard at Our House

Mommy! Dis is heaven in my mouf! (note to self - buy more cinnamon chex)

Hi, wittle fella! (speaking to my belly)

Mommy? Wanna smell my boooooooty? (

Mommy, wait! I wanna be da weader! I get in da fwont of da wine! (yes, sir!)

Do dose butterfwy kisses! An nose-nose-nose! An a TWIPPLE kiss! ( thats butterfly kiss, eskimo kiss, and a kiss with daddy and Jay it)

Its too wate. I alweady gode in my puwup! (after being asked if we should go use the potty)

What should we tawk about, Mommy? (at 6:30 am???? are you kidding me?)

Mommy - some kids don't have ceiwing fans, oh wights, oh windows. Some kids don't have fwesh watuh oh fwesh food, oh caws to go somewhere, oh stwolluhs to put da babies in... (working out in his mind what he'd seen on a Feed the Children commercial...where he figured out they don't have ceiling fans or lights or windows, I have no idea.)

I kid you not, this child has lightening quick observations...he misses very little, and remembers most of what he sees. I'm constantly amazed at what he puts together and how he works things out for himself.

I love this age.

Peace, ya'll!

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