Friday, August 28, 2009

Dressing Boys

I used to think that girls clothes were way cuter than boys clothes – all those ruffles and flowers.

But now that I’m dressing a toddler, I’m having such a blast buying clothes.

In preparation for school, I went through the bug’s closet to see what still fit and what had to go into boxes for child #2. Alas, EVERY pair of pants had to go…he could wear them around his middle – the skinny little dude - but they would be way too short by the time we got to cool enough weather for pants.

Boys clothes have two cool qualities that make dressing a boy fun for me. First of all, they are largely neutral or primary colors…no color matching required. Second, the colors you do buy tend to be the same saturation. Mixing and matching when color is like this is a BREEZE and fun for your toddler.

My son can literally go to his closet, pick out some random shirt and some random pair of pants and most likely have an adorable outfit. Boys can also layer things in ways that would look odd on a little girl…like a Henley under a t-shirt. Somehow it is inherently masculine for boys to dress like this.

And one other thing – clothes for boys never seem to go out of style. There is a green denim jacket in the closet awaiting the time that Jayden will be big enough to wear it…it was originally worn by HIS DAD and is still perfectly in style. As a thrifty mom, I can’t complain about something like that!

I tend to prefer Children’s Place for the “durables” when I buy clothing – jeans and pants, sweater and jackets. They have great pricing (especially on sale) and their stuff just seems to last forever. Luckily for me, there is a Children’s Place right across the street from where I work and I was in an out in 20 minutes, WELL under my budget. Jay got these things…some for now some for later:

Two pairs of cargo pants, one pair of regular jeans and the CUTEST pair of carpenter jeans:

I got him these two adorable t-shirts…he’s particularly fond of the green one:

And what rock mama could resist THIS shirt? He thinks its so cool because it has a guitar (my child likes RUSH people!):

There was also a Spiderman shirt (we are very into Spiderman right this second), a couple of striped T’s in greens and blues, and a couple of plain long sleeved T’s for layering when it gets colder. He was TOTALLY excited about the new clothes…which I think is absolutely hysterical.

I may still go back for these (although when its 90 and high humidity, I’m not overly motivated to by sweaters and hoodies!)

Oh, and perhaps the best part of dressing a boy? And entire new wardrobe for under $100...cannot beat that!

Happy day, everyone!!


MaryC said...

The Children's Place pants have adjustable waists. This is great for the 'grow into' purchase. Tack up the length, tighten the waist and the pants last all year.
I love that store.

Sam said...

I love Children's Place - their clothes really do hold up to just about anything. I've been really pleased with their backpacks too!

Boys clothes are just so much more hand-me-downable. My sister has 3 boys now and I'm not sue she has bought a single thing for the youngest yet!