Friday, July 03, 2009

Heard at our House – Advanced concepts

Jayden: Mommy, what is this day?
Mommy: Today is Thursday.
What is last day?
Yesterday was Wednesday.
What is next day?
Tomorrow is Friday.
No, Mommy. Next day is Fwiday!

Mommy: Did you know there is a Buzz Lightyear costume in your closet?
Jayden: Dere is?
You could pretend to be Buzz Lightyear.
Who is Woody?
I don’t know. Who do you think should be Woody?
You, Mommy.
Ok. I’ll be Woody. Who will Daddy be?
Daddy can be Potato Head.

Looking at the cover of Tennis magazine:
Jayden: Mommy, do you know dis is?
Mommy: Who is it, buddy?
Dat Mishter Rowjer Fredrerer.
That’s Roger Federer?
Yes…dat Mishter Rowjer Fredrerer.
Do you know why he’s famous?
No. His name is Mishter Rowjer Fredrerer.

Trying to inspire use of the potty.
Mommy: I’m going to be so happy for you when you use the potty. I think we will celebrate. I’ll make cupcakes.
Jayden: Cupcakes?
With does color fings on dem?
With sprinkles?
Uh-huh! Wif prinkles!
Yes. Cupcakes with sprinkles. When you use the potty we’ll celebrate.
I wanna use da potty NOW!

Jayden: Mommy! Day going to the park!
Mommy: They are going to the park?
Uh-huh! The baby park!
The baby park? I thought they said Colonel Beatty Park.
Uh-huh. Day said Colonel baby park!

Peace, ya'll.

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MaryC said...

I think MOMMY has a listening problem. NEXT day if Friday...didn't you hear?
You got a cute little boy, and smart too.