Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cleaning and Browsing

The last six months of my crazy schedule have really taken a toll on our home, my creativity and most of all my office.

Though I set out to embrace my life at the beginning of the year, I think it sort of embraced me and then ran off willy-nilly with me dragging along behind.

So…The last couple of weeks have been particularly blissful in terms of getting myself grounded, rested and back on some kind of a normal routine.

I found that I have a lot of ambition to clean, organize, and dig out from under the accumulation of To-Do’s, To-Reads, To-Fix’s, and To-Call’s. Put simply, I would really like my neat and tidy, orderly life back. I had a good thing at the beginning of the year – the business stayed business, was dealt with swiftly and efficiently and any residual trauma was kept to a minimum. I’m more creative and I sleep better when the little things stay little, when I deal with the every day life stuff as it comes and not “when I have time,” and when I am not surrounded by mountains of scrapbooking supplies, laundry and home improvement tasks.

I started the year with the ambitious thought to clean out and unclutter. Unfortunately that requires consistent time at home, something that I didn’t really have. Now I have it and I’m more determined than ever to clean out closets and get a bit of the “stuff” out of our home. Since finding out another little one will be here by Christmas, I’m even more determined to get rid of old clothes, paint, put up shelves, sort out the things we don’t need or use and replace them with good old space.

I began with my office…I’ll show you pictures tomorrow about where I started. It was ugly. I’m about ½ way through. My donate pile is enormous!!!!

When the office is done, the spare bedroom will be next. Its full of clothing that is either in various stages of being laundered or clothing that we’ve been given for Jayden that needs to be sorted and put into proper bins by age for future use. After the spare bedroom is cleaned out, it will be painted, new bedding will be purchased, and the new desks and shelving will be installed so that my dear husband can move himself out of what will be the boy’s new room.

The next task is the boy’s room – a task that will require the removal of a very ugly border, a very ugly toy-train shelf and then painting. We already have his new furniture, but he cannot have it until we move him to his new digs. Its bigger and he will have a real dresser and lots more space. AND if he has weird talking dreams (like he does now) I’m less likely to be awakened at 3:00 am by his chatter.

Then, of course, is the nursery. Since we don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl yet, I cannot say if we will be doing general clean up and reconstructing the crib, or if we will be painting and selecting new bedding. You see if it’s a boy, he will have essentially what Jay. If it’s a girl, tho, the jungle theme will probably be replaced by something less…ummmmm….jungle-y.

If I still have any energy left, we will paint our bedroom and bathroom and get that in order…I have very little intention, beyond painting, to tackle the downstairs until we have this second one beyond the point where it will color on the table. Living room and kitchen are definitely a bit down the road, although I do want to paint, add some curtain panels and find some art that appeals to me.

While I was making plans and sorting scrapbook paper into colors, I got all inspired to look at a few new books. These are the three that intrigued me the most today…

I think I’ll pop by Barnes on my way home and see what these look like in person…

Maybe I’ll get dug out AND inspired!!!

Peace, ya’ll!!


MaryC said...

I remember nesting. I have been doing it over and over for 30 years. I miss the nesting for a baby though. Lots more fun. I am glad you have more time at home now. Try not to do too much. Save some time for yourself and your hubby. That will be hard to come by in short order.

Elizabeth said...

let me know what what you think about those books...look good to me too! i'm hoping some of your organizational inspiration will rub off on me too : )