Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So...I'm a little late in posting this on the old blog, here, but:

I realize I'm not showing, but seriously - if I could go straight to stretchy pants, I would be ever so grateful...my waistbands make me kinda itchy...not that they are too small or anything...they just...I don't know....BUG me...ya know?

I knew I was pregnant pretty much right on the day I should have gotten my monthly visitor. You see, I feel a specific way when I'm on the verge of the monthly and I just wasn't feeling that way. Instead, I was VERY tired and just knew that something wasn't "normal." BUT it took nearly two weeks after that to get a pregnancy test to confirm my suspicions. THEN it took me another week to convince the doctor to give me an appointment. THEN I had to wait another week to get a scan - and low and behold at 7 weeks, they saw the little heartbeat! WHOAH!!!!

I'm not due until December...and if you would like to pray about the sex, PLEASE pray for a BOY. I would love for Jay to have a little brother to tumble around with AND I have an attic full of barely used boy baby gear awaiting the arrival of another boy. On the positive side, if I have a girl, I have a friend who is having twin boys who will love all that gorgeous stuff...

So, in the spirit of shopping for EVER so cute baby loot, I found this delightful little tool by My Wooby and Me on etsy.

We are big fans of both the paci and the paci tether 'round these parts. Paci tethers are the best invention...when your little one is in the car seat and they want to go to sleep and you are driving...they can reach for the paci on a tether and VOILA, no crying, no pulling over, no fussing for the paci in some bag in the back seat.

Best part of a paci over a thumb? You can TAKE IT AWAY - or, it gets all worn out and thus no longer satisfying and thus gets discarded for being worn out and unsatisfying. The key is, you can't keep replacing the paci if it gets worn out...you just let it wear out...or "wear it out" on purpose...Oh...and you can boil it to get all the icky germs off...while a thumb can be germy too, you probably don't want to boil one of those!

I also found this adorable little thing at appledonia on etsy.

She had so many super cute designs...I was torn about my favorite!

Peace, ya'll!

Have a FAB DAY!


Sarabeth Hudson said...

Hooray! :) LOVE the cartoons!

Sam said...

Congrats again!

And I love that t-shirt - sometimes I think I need one more just so I can shop for them =)

Elizabeth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! A playmate for Baby Maxon : ) I agree...those stretchy maternity clothes are the best!

**** April **** said...

OOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I Am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO happy for you!!!! That is so awesome!!! :) It couldn't happen to a better mom!

MaryC said...

So amidst the husband with a triple hernia, a house that sold in three weeks, a trip to Jamaica and looking for a house in Las Vegas to move to in three weeks...I missed this fabulous news.
Am I making excuses for being tardy in saying Yahoo? Um, yes I am.
But my congratulations are heartfelt and you know I wish you only the best, healthiest, cutest baby on the planet.
Blessings, my friend.