Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some New Stuff


I had a WONDERFUL time on my little shopping excursion...I'll post pictures of all of that later on.

We ended up going to five stores instead of three...the stores in the area were AMAZING! Virtually every store we were in sent us to another store. They each carried different products and had a different feel. It was by far the best shopping trip I've had since I was in San Jose!

Sadly, one of the cutest stores I've been into in a long time had declared the day we were there that they were going out of business. The place was PACKED as all of their products were 50% off. SAD that my hobby is suffering the economy - and that a GOOD store can go out of business. BUT we took good advantage of the sale prices and stocked up on a number of things.

By far the BEST part of the trip was a little luncheon visit to Mimi's. Ok, so you California people are thinking "yea, Mimi's is nice and all, but what's the big deal?" Let me tell you...there are no Mimi's in Charlotte. ok...there is ONE, but it is about 40 minutes away from me and not at all convenient in any sense of the world. Not like when I could go to church on a Sunday and then swing by for a latte and a giant bluberry muffin on my way home from church. And, frankly, I miss the gorgeous blueberry muffins, the amazing sandwiches and the unbelievable salads.

So...we saw a billboard for Mimi's and my friend had NEVER been to one (can you believe it!?!?!?!) and so we went. We sat outside in the 72 degree low-humidity day, with a slight breeze blowing and the sun shining. It was PERFECTION, I tell you...PERFECTION! It was like a perfect California Spring Day...only in Greer, South Carolina. I even called my husband to leave a NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH message! (I'm so mature!)

Anyhoo...I also got the word that Michael's had their Cricut cartridges on sale for $40. Since the best price I can get for them here is at Hobby Lobby ($59) and they are NEVER on sale at HL and they are always on the exempt list when there is a 40% off coupon, I swept into my local Michaels and snatched up a few cartridges...

I got Walk in My Garden - which is an oldie but a goodie - it has TONS of things that I think will make fun mother's day stuff and compliment outside layouts.

I also got the Rob and Bob Christmas Cheer. Another oldie but goodie - I just ADORE the crazy santa and the little reindeer...

And finally, I got the Mickey Alphabet. I got this one becuase the font is WAY more useful to me than the charater cartridge would have been...AND this one still has the faces of all the major characters - which will be FANTASTIC when I do the album for the 2nd birthday party (got all the supplies for that baby too...I'll have to post some pics of the super cute stuff!)

Now with new supplies and new cartridges, I just need to make myself a little creative space in my schedule and GET TO WORK!


Peace, ya'll!

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**** April **** said...

Holy frijoles they Cricut Cartridges are on SALE?! We're GOING TO DISNEY in September! I need to stock up on everything disney! MAN I hope I didn't miss it!! WAAAAAHHHHHH