Friday, April 10, 2009

Preparing for the finale to Holy Week

Last night, Scott and I attend a Tenebrae Service at church.

What an amzingly stunning service...I was moved to weeping especially since our church combines the traditional Maundy Thursday communion sacrement with the Tenebrae. It is so moving to take communion as Jesus did and then to walk out his last moments. Our service also included some scenes from The Passion in the appropriate places...I cried my eyes out in torture...Each time I think of Jesus trial, torture and crucifixion, it is difficult to even breathe...

As the mother of a son, I am particularly moved by what Mary must have endured watching her son hang on the Cross. I can't even stand it when Jay gets a splinter, yet she watched her son endure unimaginable toture. How broken her heart must have been. How bewildering to watch her beloved child suffer when he had done nothing wrong, when he had not even broken a law, let alone done the things he was accused of. It plagues my heart to stand, for even a moment, in her shoes. I can not even imagine...

Today we are all at home, waiting and preparing for the the dawn of Easter Sunday, for our feast of joy, for the celebration of the very foundation of our faith.

I'm preparing brunch for Sunday, so there is much menu planning and preparation to accomplish, not to mention making things ready for Jay's very first Egg Hunt.

We will not have an "Easter Bunny" since it isn't part of our normal Easter Celebration. However, we will leave a surprise Easter basket for him, along with having an Easter Egg Hunt. We have talked at length about what Easter is, about why we celebrate. He has several story books that deal with the topic at an age appropriate level. We will share the story again on Easter morning. In terms of his Easter Basket, a basket of goodies will appear and eggs will be hidden for him to find and break open, all quietly and with stealth - just no bunny.

Peace and grace to you all!

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**** April **** said...

Yeah, it's hard... to have faith... and children... and to still have those iconic visions of what holidays encompass... Santa for Christmas... the Bunny for Easter. To intertwine the two... tough role.

This year is the year Josh finds out about Santa... I'm going to LET him play Santa to a family in need.