Sunday, March 01, 2009

Heard at our house:

To the barking dog:
Hahnny-gwill, I knee you top bahking! Mommy an me is wooking at pitchers!

While picking out a baseball cap:
Oh! Dat Whitening Queen baseball cap! I NEEEEEED it!

While trying maniputlate mommy into giving him his paci:
Mommy…I TIYERD! I weally WEALLY Tiyerd! I SWEEPY!

While looking for a treat.
Mommy, I hunrey!!! How ‘bout….some mash-mellows? I making GOOD CHOICES! I making GOOD CHOICES! I wan a TWEAT!

After hearing Mommy’s phone ring:
Who is it? Is it bramma Bahb an brampa Steef? I is WAITING fo they to call!

After being told that Mommy wasn’t waking up:
Come on, Mommy! I hep you! I hep you wake up! A B C D E F G… (signing)


MaryC said...

I NEEEED it? Where have we heard that before. Could it be when we saw those leapord print pumps at Macy's?
Kids rock.

**** April **** said...

You will TREASURE these memories when your memory begins to fade! :) I need a new camcorder! :) LOL.. I forget to write this stuff down!