Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scrapbook RESULTS

I may not be able to get results with exercise (ok...my dedication in that area is suspect and it MAY be the cause...but I degress) but I can get the pages done if I've got a plan and some good music.

So...ok...Berta and Deb and I did our monthly scrapping day on Saturday. I had a PLAN. And we had GOBS of chocolate and other goodies (like home made mini pizzas and sausage balls and popcorn shrimp). Wait...gobs of food and chocolate...hmmmm...perhaps another contributer to my exercise failure???? Moving on: And there was GREAT music - so great, in fact, that I could have gotten MORE done if I had scrapped more and danced less...

These are the fruits of my labor:

This one is Scott's favorite...and I think mine too:

I'm noticing style changes in my work. I've moved solidly from a two page layout to a one page layout - its my starting point instead of my "instead." Its less "square" and more free. I'm learning how to layer in a way that pleases me and is still relatively flat (I like visual dimension without a lot of actual dimension) AND I've started to think more about the story.

This is so much more like me.

Peace and blessings, ya'll!

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**** April **** said...

I love your style! :) And love your motivation - friends and snacks!! :)