Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

We had the joy of going to parent teacher conferences last week...we thought it was funny that the one-to-two's class has parent teacher conferences. BUT we wanted to know if he was "the same" at school as he was at home and we needed to know what to work on at home that would improve his socialization in peer settings (don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about?)

To the credit of the teachers, they think he's sweet, charming and that all these things are funny.

These are some of the comments:

He thinks he's the third teacher. In the middle of a lesson on, oh, say..colors...he will decide its time to sing the ABC's...so he will launch into the ABC's and before you know it, the whole class is following along.

Negative: He doesn't recognize leadership and respect it.
Positive: He, himself, is a leader.

He doesn't eat his own lunch. He passes it out to all the other children - epecially the carrot chips. Once he has some of his lunch in eveyone's hand, he cheers and says "Good job!"

Negative: He's not eating what we send nor is he respective of other children's boundaries.
Positive: He has good sharing skills and he's an encourager.

He has to sit in time-out often in the class for his poor listening skills BUT he will BEG the teacher not to give him a yellow face on his calendar.

Negative: he doesn't listen and knows the power of visible rewards (translation, he figures if he gets an "A" how he gets there doesn't matter)
Positive: He has good negotiation skills, even with authority figures.

So...apparantly we are raising a very skilled politician. And I think he's going to be a Democrat! HA!!!

Peace, everyone!


Sam said...

After my mother-in-law reminded me (after being told that Hanna would make a great third world dicatator), "it's all about knowing how to mold and channel those inborn personality traits...God placed them there for a reason...it's our job as parents to help the kids learn how to use them in a positive manner".

I love my mother-in-law =)

MaryC said...

When we had so much trouble with my firstborn in school, the counselor told me this: "Children are not born a blank slate for you to write on. Some of who they are is already written there. So, you got a kid that was born saying, 'shove it', now it's your job to make that work for her."
At least your kid cares about the yellow face. :)
I think he sounds like a creative thinker.
And don't we have enough democrats already?

**** April **** said...

OH don't CURSE HIM INTO BEING A DEMOCRAT! A politician is bad enough! ha ha!

I love how you put the spin on each of his "issues." ha ha! TOO CUTE!

My oldest, Josh, likes to bag on what a twerp his brother is until MOMMA pulled out a surprise -- yep, JOSH's daily behavior report cards from daycare.... when I was finished reading them to him, I asked, "Who does this sound like?"

He smiled and sheepishly grinned and said, "Drew."

I said, I'm glad to see you realize that your brother isn't the tyrant you make him out to be... unless you consider yourself one as well.