Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have you heard of Ordinary Courage?

Have you heard of Brene Brown?

I read her blog religiously…she inspires me and I swear she follows me around and writes about my life…which proves one of my theories – transparency in real life is critical to understanding that we are NOT alone and that we share a remarkable number of life-events.

I believe completely that the devil’s favorite playground is isolation. When he has us convinced that we are the only one on the planet going through something, then we make agreements that are damaging to our future relationships – with others, with God and with ourselves.

Well…Brene has said some things that I so identify with…

I’m wondering – do YOU have any Wayward Girls? Have you given them a home?


MaryC said...

I had never heard of her till now. WOW!
I have not opened my home for Wayward Girls completely. I don't have enough bedrooms for all of them.
But, like most of us...I am adding on as I go.

Sam said...

Such a timely treat...I got an email from a high school friend yesterday planning a small high school reunion of sorts and have spent the last 24 hours thinking about how very different a girl I am now.

I wasn't familiar with Brene Brown until I followed your link, but I think I love her. I look forward to having time to read back through her posts.

**** April **** said...

OK... giving me another to check out! :) I'll do it! I'm up to the challenge... goign to check it out (after catching up on mih gurlz webbie!) :)

(that means YOU!) ha ha!