Monday, February 09, 2009

Conversation at Home

Overheard between Daddy and Jayden:

Jayden: Say Hi to the box!

Daddy: Hi Box!

Say Hi to the crayone!

Hi, Cup!

NO! Say Hi to the CRAYON!

Oh, Hi Crayon!

NOW say Hi to the Cup!

Ok..Hi Cup! Hey, Jay, can you trace these lines to make a C?

NO! I don wan twace da wines make a C! Say Hi to the box!

Oh...well..Hi Box! (you're bossy like your mom!)

Keep in mind that I work full time outside of our home and that my son is with his dad full time at home (when he's not at school) you think he gets his bossyness from? HMMMMMMMM!!!


Happy day and peace, everyone!!!

1 comment:

MaryC said...

If men are bossy, they see it as being 'manly'. If women are bossy, we are nags. Why is that?
So say 'Hi' to the darn box and keep your comments to yourself...k?