Saturday, January 31, 2009

Southern Snow Day

This is the snow that brings a southern city like ours to a screeching halt (pictures from 1/20/09):

Beautiful 3 inches, isnt' it? I'm sure my mom (Northern Minnesota) and my sister (Central Colorado) are just laughing their butts off right now.

This is the boy who, upon recognizing that the ground had snow, yelled to his sleeping daddy, "DAT SNOW! DAT SNOW!!! DADDY, DAT SNOW!!!"

This is the boy who nagged us both incessantly for about two hours to go outside and play (He needed breakfast and we needed coffee, quite frankly)

This is the boy who was actually WILLING to wear a hat and mittens if he could go out and play.

And this is the boy who played outside as many hours as his little face and feet could take - TWICE.

He slept like a log...HA!

Peace, ya'll!


Sam said...

I love that last very sweet! I can't imagine what my kids would do if it snowed.

**** April **** said...

Kids and snow... you just need to plug their nose up and give 'em cheek warmers! They'll stay outside all darn day if you'll let 'em! We're still waiting on the first snow here. A few years ago, it happened on V-day!