Monday, January 05, 2009

Self-Portraits and a Scene Stealer

I have been attempting to get some self-portraits for some projects I'm working on. Its not always easy in this house to get a self-portrait.

For one, the little man knows what a camera is and always wants to be in the pictures. He will say, "Now MY turn!" and just help himself into your shot - which in this case meant climing a stool to get into my lap.

For another, if little man isn't IN your shot, he's over by the camera, jostling the tri-pod or trying to "shee, shee" the pictures on the LCD.

This must be a product of living in a digital age - he can see pictures immediately and is fascinated with the fact that a picture will be taken and then produced on the spot for his enjoyment.

At any rate, the pictures I did take required some cropping, warming and other fancy effects. I'm CERTAINLY no master at this editing gig, and tend to prefer correction to shots rather than editing. As bad as they may be, I like pictures that rather reflect our imperfect life and my hugely imperfect photography...they have a raw quality that I treasure. Its not dissimilar to my taste in music - I prefer acoustic live music - first of all, it takes way more talent to make it sound good and it also makes "art" of those delightful imperfections...I'm just not a fan of "producing" music (or a photo shot!)

Anywho...these are a couple of my favorites, in all their imperfections...

NOTE to self...when did I get so many wrinkles around my eyes????

And perhaps the best shot of all (because I am NOT the star of it!) and evidence that Jay was literally climbing into my shots...

Peace, Ya'll!

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Sam said...

I really love that second photo...and I keep having that same thought about the wrinkles around my eyes (although I can't seem to find any around yours!).