Friday, January 30, 2009

Mysterious Life

Those who have abandoned themselves to God always lead mysterious lives and receive from him exceptional and miraculous gifts by means of the most ordinary, natural and chance experiences in which there appears to be nothing unusual.

- Jean-Pierre de Caussade – The Sacrament of the Present Moment –

Is it not true?

If you follow the deepest desires of your heart, un-adulterated by thoughts of acceptance or rejection, un-affected by worry over how you look to anyone outside of you and God, un-wavering in your dedication to hear that still small voice inside of you and move with it, get into its flow, do what it leads you to do…if you do that, do you not receive miraculous gifts from the most ordinary things?

Blessings are so much about being in the moment, being in tune to your heart and completely ignoring the harsh critics of your choices…INCLUDING your own brain screaming out how “wrong” something might be or how “SILLY” you might look.

My BEST cheerleader is my son…he tells me regularly how beautiful I am, how I’m a wonderful mommy, how much he loves me, how much he desires my company.

We dance in silly ways, sing completely random songs, have funny conversations about pickles in the grocery store and regularly high-five over the small accomplishments.

He teaches me daily to be in the now, in the moment, and to push aside whatever criticism the world might offer.

He teaches me to be the most authentic self I have, abandoned to my love for him and these small moments we share, abandoned to my silly and artistic side, completely ignorant of the part of me that craves things in boxes and neat little rows.

And I’ve said often that he is my direct connection to God – to how God must feel about ME. When I have to tell him “NO” I think of all the times God has said “NO” to me because I wasn’t ready or something was dangerous or out of step with my path. When I get to indulge him with an unexpected blessing, I think of God blessing me with something fun and unexpected. When we draw happy face after happy face on a chalk board and call it “art” I think of all my meager artistic offerings against the majestic sunset, the stunning ocean, the quite breeze, the amazing trees.

I live a mysterious life every day when I abandon myself to what God has placed before me right now and I do not worry about anything outside of His voice and His call and this moment and this thing…whatever that thing is.

And therein lies my miracle!

Peace, ya’ll!

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