Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heard At Our House - Brand New Concepts

At 1:00 am after being allowed to crawl into Mommy and Daddy's bed only to find out that a bottle is out of the question:

Oh, I know! Wets half a convahsayshuuuun!!

(A conversation???? WHAT!?!?!?)

While trying to get one more bit of Daddy's blueberry waffle:

I woot wike won mo bite of patty cake, pahWEESE!

After looking out the window and seeing snow for the first time:


After receiving mommy's broken cell phone to play with:

Daddy, do your phone wite up? Mine not wite up!

When requesting his morning vitamins:

I want some bitamins an some dawops and some calsies!!!

(That's vitamins, allergy drops and calciums.)

Yesterday at dinner:

Daddy? Why it get dahk? Why it get wight?

(at this point, Daddy explained in VERY GREAT detail how the earth spins on an axis and goes around the sun)

MOMMY! Know how it get dahk? Da eart go wound da sun! and awoun and awoun wike dis!!! (showing spinning cirlce motions with two extended index fingers)

Question to parents of older children - isn't it a little early to ask why it gets dark and light?


Peace ya'lll!

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MaryC said...

I think your son is pretty smart. I also think he's pretty cute.