Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heard at our house – Christmas Edition

Mommy: Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?

Jay: Isss baypee cheeses birday!

Mommy: That’s right. And who comes on Christmas Eve to our house?

Jay: Ummmmm…..Mawee an Joseff!!!

After turning a corner and seeing lots of Christmas lights:

Oh, WOOK! Isss Kissmass EV-WE-WEAH!!!!

While reading The Legend of the Candy Cane

Dat wettah “J”!

Juh, juh, juh, Jay! Dat tand fo Jayden! And CHEEEESus!

While looking at the Christmas Tree.

Dat twee is BEEEE-YOUUU-TEEE-FUL! An a AINchell on top!

Peace, ya'll!!


Mary C. said...

Baypee Cheesus? Hahahahahaha!

Gina said...

You rock the phonetics. When you read these in years to come you'll remember EXACTLY the way Jay said them.

Gabrielle of Design Mom said...

Congratulations! You won a Design Mom Giveaway. You can see the announcement here:

Anonymous said...

Love his pronounciations =) When Hanna was little, it was Baby Geezus and she carried the piece from our Nativity everywhere for weeks. How it still has all 4 limbs is beyond me!