Thursday, November 20, 2008

While I'm on the topic of Christmas lists

There just aren't a lot of things on my Christmas list this year...mostly things like "more time" and "less work to do."

But I've been thinking there are a few "nice to haves" I like to have:

Although I love my old standard Fiskars 12 inch trimmer, I'd like to have a new rotary trimmer. This is the one that I end up holding in my hands often a the craft store, then putting back on the shelf: (just click on any image to get to more information:

The Rotary, Scoring, Perforating, and Deckle blades would be nice too.

I've been wanting an ATG for some time, but haven't ever really taken the plunge on that one either...but I understand that this tool reduces adhesive costs when you consider how much you get for the price. If you click on this image, you'll find an amazing starter kit for a very reasonable price!

Other than that, maybe just a few days away somewhere would be nice...a retreat of some kind...I could really use a massage! lol

Peace, Ya'll


Sam said...

I've been debating the ATG for a long time. I definitely go through far more adhesive than the average scrapper with my custom work, but I just haven't made myself take the plunge. Soon.

**** April **** said...

TAKE THE PLUNGE on the ATG and GET ONE! (if you didn't for Xmas) :)

You scrap 10 times more than I do and I have one -- that hardly seems fair. Want me to send mine to you to try out?! :)

And, if you go somewhere to a retreat - it better be somewhere in the CENTRAL US so I can go meet you there!