Friday, October 03, 2008

WHAT!?!?!?! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

THIS and THIS combined outrages more than I can even express in words.

Seriously...SPITTIN' MAD!

I have a few questions for our pathetic elected federal officials…

Where is Mrs. Polk’s "bailout"? Why do the businesses and individuals have to come to HER aid?

Do you have an incentive in your little package for HER? Or ME? Or anyone else that is actually going to have to LIVE with this decision? PAY the taxes and still try to find HEALTHCARE and FOOD and GAS!!

These big corporations are a mess because they choose to be a mess…they could have and should have done the right thing…instead they did the GREEDY thing…always more more more…

And now look at what we have become…

Its pathetic!

I’m, more than ever before, a fan of THIS kind of fix…at least this way, the Mrs. Polks of the world can stay in their homes, the economy can get back on track and the free handouts can make their way to the DAMN TAXPAYING FORGOTTEN MAN who foots the bill for the whole thing. Hey, America…you should seriously think about seeing how YOUR elected officals voted…and consider voting for ANYONE other than them the next time they come up for re-election.

If you have kids, tell them now that their GREAT GRANDCHILDREN will still be paying for the GREED of these corporate monsters and that of the officials we call a flippin’ government.

While we are voting in new laws, we should also think about something else…you want government to bail you out of every bad decision you make? Think about changing the name to the USSA…United Socialist States of America…because that’s where we are fast heading, folks.

Oh…and one more thing…neither McCain NOR Obama are capable of fixing this. Even an 8 year term isn’t going to erase $700 billion in debt. Somewhere along the line Washington has become numb to what a number like “billion” means to US!

No matter who you are passionately voting for this time out, you will not win…even if your candidate does. They are among the greedy elected officials…and if you have any doubts about that, you should find out when was the last time either of them HAD to eat Spam, Food stamp bread, and wic cheese for a meal…my guess is NEVER!

Welcome to the reality of electing LITIGATORS into government…THEY are LAWYERS people…LAWYERS!!! If it smells like a horse, looks like a horse and sounds like a horse, it’s a HORSE! It isn’t going to start acting like a civilized citizen simply because you elect it to sit in a fancy office in Washington.

I’d say peace, but I’m too angry!

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MaryC said...

And people wonder why there is suddenly a run on gun sales. Wake up America...This is what we have allowed to happen to our country.
And don't get me started on judges...