Friday, October 17, 2008

Required Pumpkin Patch Photos

I LOVE autumn. The colors are astounding and - since we moved to North Carolina - I can actually get out into the fresh air and enjoy it without roasting to death...

Pumpkin Patch has been a tradition for me for quite some time - even before I had children. And while we do not carve them nor celebrate what would be considered the traditional Halloween things, we do love to take a trip to a farm and enjoy the things of autumn.

We did the pumpkin patch with Jayden's class and his Grandma and Grandpa from Minnesota got to come along with us

He got to pick a pumpkin of his own to take with him...this was the third or fourth he picked up - and the smallest, interestingly enough.

I didn't try to pose him all that much, just really let him do his thing and tried to capture his spirit...He likes to line things up. Pumpkins are not exempt from organization.

There were lots of signs for picture opportunities...I really tried to get some cute ones, but he was really interested in all the things going on around him. While he SAYS "cheese" he doesn't really look at me for the photo opp.

My brave boy had NO problem going in and out of the corn maze...he really liked going in and then saying "now go weft" and "now go nudder weft" and "now go wight."

All in all a fun trip to the farm.

Peace, ya'll!

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Sam said...

Caleb always went straight for the smallest pumpkin he could find. I never could figure out why.

And the photo of him lining them up made this obsessive little organizer's heart smile =)