Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heard at our house:

Language once again is astounding at our house. I look back just six months ago and cannot believe how far his verbal skills have come. I have read that typical two-year-olds speak in two word non-verb sentences…really? Mine is ready to write a dissertation..and WHEW does he listen to us! Mommy has to be CAREFUL with her words…HA! HA! Looks like we have a talker! Lol..

While listening to daddy heat his milk:

An daddy put in da micwowafe!

While watching daddy and I hug and kiss:

I wan in da famlee too!!!

After coughing particularly hard:

I nee mecine. JUS owange!

After mommy brushes his hair:

I hamsome! Daddy too!

After listening to mommy cough:

Bwess you, mommy! Bwess you!

While driving by Panera Bread:

How ‘bout a tuhkee san-wich?

After Grandma and Grandpa went home:

Gramma an Grampa go home. On a JET.

After being asked to sing a song:

Woah, woah, woah you bote
Nenty don da ream
Mer, Mer, Mer, mer
Wife’s budda ream

Peace ya'll!


Scott said...

That is soo my son! Thanks for the giggle babe!

**** April **** said...

ROFL... wife's budda ream... LOL... I feel like my budda's reamed today after sitting on HARD bleachers watching Josh's team get CREAMED at baseball... UGH