Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grateful from my rising up…

So much of our lives is about getting to the next thing…as I lay in bed this morning (in the wee hours as God often does in my life) I started to think of all the amazing things I have to be grateful for…simple, everyday things that I take for granted…that somebody else in this world doesn’t have. So…I started a list right there in bed…Here’s how it went:

I’m grateful for my warm cozy bed with my warm cozy covers.

In this amazing home.

In this amazing neighborhood.

For clean running water – both hot and cold.

For warm pjs and the glasses I have to wear to see the coffee pot.

For my Bible – in my own language – one of SEVERAL that I am allowed by my government to own and read every day.

That I can have that written word for very little money – less than 1% of my weekly pay check.

For a cupboard stocked with foods that don’t spoil and a fridge to keep them fresh.

For coffee and cereal and creamer and sugar…all luxuries.

For lights that go on when I flip a switch and hair driers and styling gel and makeup that makes me feel great…again, all luxuries.

For the fuel efficient, paid for car that gets me back and forth to my amazing job working for a Christian company.

For gas under $4 a gallon.

For the radio that can play me great morning shows and uplifting music and laughter and information.

For paved roads lined with scenic trees and gorgeous homes on my way to work. I’m grateful my car has heat that works…and a defroster…

For comfy chair in my semi-private cubical – I’m not digging up my own food, walking miles for fresh water or existing on one root veggie a day.

For work that allows me to thrive, not just make it, or get by, not just survive or subsist…but THRIVE.

For phones – cell phones and land lines – they allow me to speak with my associates and my family easily, in the moment, when I want to.

For my amazing family

For my wonderful husband, who is supportive and creative and maddeningly funny and fresh.

For my beautiful son, who is smart, caring, sensitive and cool.

That my amazing job gives me the resources to provide for them, to put food in their bellies and a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs.

For my amazing friends...I have the most wonderful friends...I wish I could give every woman on the plant friends like I have!

For electric ovens and stoves to cook my fresh and healthy foods – food that I did not have to dig up or kill myself.

For dishwashers and detergents to clean my dishes and home so that my family can remain healthy

For inexpensive bathtub toys and amazing bathtub conversations with Jay.

For toothbrushes and toothpaste.

For a room full of cozy little boy furniture and books that tell amazing stories.

I’m grateful I have the kind of life that makes it possible for me to read to my son.

I’m grateful I can read.

Every second of every day, I have something to be grateful for, thankful for…I’m amazingly blessed and mightily favored.

How about you?

Peace, ya’ll!!


Scott said...


I am soo thankful that you're thankful, my BEAU-tiful wife!

I lOVE you!

**** April **** said...

Well, I can't follow HIS comments... :) but it is just something to totally lift your day if you just think of one thing... you can think of a THOUSAND things to feel blessed and grateful for. I think it'd be great to scrap a little journal to list all the things you're blessed and thankful for... just call it "My Blessings" and then... if you're ever blue... that could totally lift you up.