Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day

Its been almost a month since the Bug started back to pre-school...He was SO excited to go back and has had the best time being in a class room again. He had to return to the same room becuase he doesn't make the NC state cutoff of 8/'s the oldest boy in the class. He's not the BIGGEST boy in the class, just the oldest! :::giggle:::

We haven't been sure how he would handle being placed back in a room for one year olds, because he is very into learning new things and seems to absorb information very quickly. His teachers, though, have been amazing. They have the ability to channel his considerable energy, seem to have made him a "helper" if you believe what he says, and he is once again flourishing in the structure of an organized classroom with other children.

Funny, that back pack seems as big as ever!

Peace, ya'll!


Gina said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe he's in PRESCHOOL! I think Jay's the tiniest school goer I know! How sweet is he with that backpack.

**** April **** said...
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**** April **** said...

Oh my gosh that backpack is as big as he is! I love these days of "firsts" even if it's a REPEATED FIRST (is there such a thing?) Ha ha! :)