Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A ChooChoo and a Purple Pony

The weekend of Labor day, we had a town festival. They have all kinds of wonderful things...big rides, horrible carnival food and, of course, the whole petting zoo thing.

Jay had two missions, the choo choo train and and the ponies. The choochoo was all about waiting in line...a very valuable skill to master if you are going-on-two.

When asked which color pony he'd like, he promptly answered, "A purple one." To which, I had to explain the normal ponies don't come in purple, but they do come in lots of colors. He settled for "back and white."

Lucky us, they actually had one that was black and white...

He's a zero fear kind of kid and this experience was no exception...he LOVED it! Though, the pictures I got don't really say that...hmmmm...

And, we had to finish with ice cream of course...

Peace, ya'll

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