Monday, September 15, 2008

Because it irritates me…

I’m not entirely sure how some people arrive at the work ethic under which they operate.

Some people function at a fever paced all encompassing work ethic.

Some people function at a dedicated pace, letting only certain things interfere with their duties.

Some people function at an entitled pace, letting everyone else handle their work load while they ski, sleep in, or just generally not live up to their obligations.

Here’s a little bit of advice: If you are not feeling well on Wednesday, go to the doctor on Thursday, and call in sick on Friday, you better doggone sure do what it takes to be in the office on Monday. The rest of us have already covered all your work for three days and we have work of our own to accomplish – the deadlines of which remain the same, I might add…so while we were bailing out your entitled butt, all of our own work has gone undone. Oh…and we are not happy about it.

If you have the flu, but all means stay home. None of the rest of us want it.

But if you have a headache, sniffle or aches and pains, take some OTC meds and get your butt to work. We are all doing “more with less” these days and none of us have the time, patience or stamina to cover you while you are at home watching Judge Judy.

By that same token, I’m willing to cut you much slack if there is a baseball game, soccer game, dance recital or spelling bee. Your kids need you. They need to know you are there for them no matter what.

Just remember, they are learning how to be workers from YOU and if you are a not teaching them how to suck it up when things aren’t perfect or when they would rather be doing something fun, they will work like you – some of the time, when its convenient and only if its not raining.

Peace, ya’ll!


Gina said...

Experience speaking? Anyone in particular in mind? LOL. I hope this person/these persons kick it high gear when they return!

**** April **** said...

Ha ha... you know, I always felt this way as well. ALWAYS. I hated working for men that would run their personal mail through the mail meter... or when I went through the books I saw a dinner to Chuck E Cheese on the BUSINESS credit card and I wasn't allowed to say anything about it.

Or when I worked at one place that wanted me to forge expense reports for an illegal Canadian they had on staff that they couldn't "pay" but could "reimburse" him for his expenses while he was in the country. WHILE we were across the hall from the freakin INS!

I think this is not only a work ethic issue, it's an integrity issue and I feel that with the age of "instant gratification"... everyone needs it NOW or YESTERDAY -- we can't wait for a phone call at work, we have to talk in the car... we can't wait for a cup of coffee at the office, we have to get it from a drive thru. I think the entitlement age is just PATHETIC and hope this next generation can fix it! :) (I can be a bright eyed idealist, can't I?)