Thursday, September 25, 2008


If you could suggest a unique idea that would help as many people as possible, what would it be?

Google wants your ideas and they have set aside $10 million to be used to fund up to 5 world-changing, people-helping ideas.

They are also hoping to connect idea people with established charities for making more than just the ideas they fund to come to fruition.

Do you have an amazing idea? SUBMIT IT! They have set no guidelines, other than to say it has to help as many people as possible. You don’t have to have the technical expertise to make it happen – just a brilliant idea.

Do you have a great idea for helping lots of people?

Go here: Google Blog

Click around.

See what sparks in your imagination…remember that anyone can enter and any idea could win.

What an awesome opportunity for somebody and the world!

Peace, ya’ll!


**** April **** said...

Hm... you know I'd like to teach the world to sing... in perfect harmony... I'd like to buy the world a .. BEER... :) ha ha!

Rajja said...

Hi Friends..
Google is celebrating its 10th birthday.
So planed to sponsor $10 million for best 5 ideas.
These are my ideas, submitted to Google. Please visit YouTube, give some good comment and rate it...
You can login to YouTube using your Google accout..
Thank You ;)... Please recommend to your friends also.
Video is very fast.. b'coz 30 min is allowed. So please use pause button to read all..

Virtual World - Project10tothe100 - Idea (project 10 to the 100)
PressMeet - Project10tothe100 - Idea (Project 10 to the 100)

Anonymous said...

Google Project 10100 Help idea & vid.s:

Affordable WheelChair - Gravity Driven
Health, Energy and Environment Concerns


Web : http://sites/

I hope it helps.

mgulk said...

RE : Google Project 10^100 VOTING by March 17th, 2009 (Tuesday) !!!

!!! Please Support the IDEA ; to Help Millions in Need; by JUST ONE CLICK at Google's website : " " .

IDEA : "Affordable Wheelchair with Future Energy - Gravity Propulsion"

Concerns : Multiple (Health, Energy, Environment, Community, Opportunity)

Idea web site : " "

Thank you very much.