Monday, August 11, 2008

Heard at our house....

***Edited to add translations...when necessary of course.***

Oh, I know!

Oh, tooooooooodles!
(Toodles is a little character from the Mickey Mouse club House)

Hi, Mommy! How you?

An Mommy an Daddy an Baby…an Day-see an Daw-nawl…an Mitty
(I'm not sure why, but Daisy Duck, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse get to go every where we go. Yes...he DOES refer to himself in the third person.)

Mommy ree toe-wies! Puhpool Can! An Eyeshut! (Mommy is to read stories, specifically Harold and the Purple Crayon and I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss.)

Baby do self. Yea!!! (he did it himself...and he's celebrating!)

YEEEEEHAW! (I have zero clue where this came from. Although, now that you mention it, Grandpa Steve DOES look an awful lot like the Marlboro man!)

I go pay pahk! (He's going to the spray park.)

I go ma-mahs house! Baby see brampop! (He's going to Grandma's house to see Grandpa.)

Baby go owside pay! (He's going outside to play)

It WAINING! It WAINING! (Its raining...and my own personal Chicken Little is telling me...loudly!)

Oh, well!

I go see choo choo twain!


I det down!

Boo wahtah an geen wahtah.
(Blue water sippy cup and green water sippy cup.)

Baby hun-ree!

Dehr it is!

Baby wissen daddy’s moosic!

Baby what lillios – Dohwa an Poots!
(He wants to watch Dora and Boots videos.)

Lalbelly Yodurt! an geen poon! (Rasberry yogert and a green spoon.)

An montey pate! (He likes the monkey plate when he eats...sometimes followed by the tetty bewah pate and the dinosaw pate and the mitty pate.)

Shishy showats! Shishy shaht! (Fishy shorts and shirt)

Baby mate cuh-cates!
(He helped mommy make cupcakes.)

He's also added these to much of his communications:

Say peas!

Tant Oooo, Mommy. Tant Oooo, Daddy.
Peace, ya'll!


Sanisi said...

That is so cute. Thanks for sharing (I really appreciate the translations too, or I'd be lost).

Gina said...

SUCH an awesome mama to put all those precious words into a post (complete with translation!). I love the third person. He is adorable.

April Driggers said...

translations are a good thing. Mine is 4 and when he goes off on a monologue, I need one too!

~Stephanie~ said...

I can't wait till my little guy starts really talking like this!! He just turned one.... he says mama, dada.... and well everything else for some reason is a boat.... :)

The translations by the way were great!!