Monday, July 07, 2008

Scrap goodness

I managed to create one two-pager and one single pager this weekend.

Its been nice that the boy plays on his own more...I usually get 15 minutes here and there, sometimes as long as an hour, depending upon how close to nap time we are.

I follow a process for this kind of broken scrapping so that I always know where I left off in my creation. My process: choose pictures, choose papers, arrange the photos in a way that is appealing to me (usually with the aid of a sketch), do the foundation of the layout with photos, choose some embellishments, adhere everything and then layer more goodies if it seems appropriate.

Some or all of these items can be handled on my kitchen counter if Jay just isn't being patient with me being in my office (he's gated out of my office, for the safety and welfare of my supplies, not to mention my sanity.)

I cannot stress enough how much sketches have been helping me. It makes laying my foundation SO MUCH EASIER!

To find sketches, I have SEVERAL sites I visit (you can see them under SCRAPALICOUS over there -------------------------------------->

As well as Donna's book:

Becky's books:

and this new little goodie:

At any rate, I find the sketch that appeals to me and then I tweak it...for example, the first layout was a Becky sketch that I modified to work for my photos.

The second was from a sketch I did of a layout in a magazine, and then I twisted it on an angle.

And in both cases, I didn't search long to find a sketch that appealed to me. It never seems to take long to find my inspiration this way.

Peace, y'all!

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April Driggers said...

For the safety and welfare of my supplies!!?! BWA ha ha ha ha! Oh my gosh that was a great laugh!!! ha ha... that is so funny!

I lvoe it! and your bottom LO... LOVE the layout on that... and the colors are so vibrant! PERFECT!